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Smart Earset Anti Snoring Device

Smart Earset Anti Snoring Device

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Snore Circle Snore Earset E4 Anti-snoring Device

How it works?

The device collects bone conduction data and recognizes snoring through built-in model matching. When the intensity of the snoring sound meets the requirements and is regular, the device can dynamically increase the snoring sound model through machine learning in about 30 seconds.

When the snoring sound is recognized as snoring by the device, the device will vibrate and the vibration level will be adaptive. If the intervention of the current vibration level is unsuccessful, the vibration will increase step by step, reaching the highest level of snoring intensity set by the user. If the intervention is successful, the vibration level will be maintained; if there is no snoring for a long time, the vibration level will be reduced.

Why People Snore in Sleeping?

The main causes of snoring are the stenosis and obstruction of the nose and nasopharynx, oropharynx, soft palate, and the root of the tongue. In addition, the nerve excitability decreases during sleep, the soft tissues of the pharynx are loose, and the root of the tongue falls back. The airflow cann't pass through the pharynx freely. The airway, when airflow passes through a narrow part, vibrates the soft tissues around the airway and causes snoring.

What harm does snoring bring?

a.Large irregular snoring noise,keep awaking up your wife/husband/roomates,it's not only harmful to your health,but also a nightmare for anyone around you

b.Feel tired all the day,whatever at work or home

c.Mouth parched and tongue scorched

d.Can't remember what happened in recent,causing memory loss

e.Frequently wake up in the night

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